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About Sturgeon County Kennels

Sturgeon County Kennels is a family owned & operated boarding kennel located just 25kms north of the City of Edmonton. With our years of dog boarding experience since the summer of 2005, we know what it takes to make sure your dog has a happy and comfortable stay with us!

We feature spacious, custom built kennels with indoor and outdoor runs to allow for the freedom for dogs to lounge outside in the sun or come inside to unwind. Guests can also relax on our heated floors and stay cozy throughout the fall, spring, and winter months. Kennels are cleaned daily to ensure your dog enjoys a comfortable and hygienic stay! Additionally, we have 4 play areas of various sizes for dogs to explore, exercise, and enjoy. Socializing (with your approval) is encouraged between dogs of similar size, age, and temperament. Safety is our number one priority, so socializing is always supervised. As a kennel, we welcome dogs of all sizes to come be our guest. Visit us today to take a tour of the kennel – no appointment necessary!

Our front room includes a premium pet specialty supply store with prices that just can’t be beat! And if you do find a better price? We’ll match it: guaranteed. What’s more – we’re so confident you’ll love your purchase that if you’re not satisfied we’ll give your money back!

Check out our online catalog for what’s new in our store & begin earning Paw Points (and remember to sign up for our Petcurean Loyalty Program for a free bag of food on every 12th purchase).

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Sturgeon County Kennels
Kennels for Sturgeon County

Kennel Features

Large Facility

3,600 ft of indoor & 8,000 ft of outdoor facility. Individual indoor and outdoor kennels.


Experienced, Professional family run business since 2005 with caring and qualified staff.


In-floor heating for warm paws. Private indoor kennels for added comfort.

Important Services

Additional Features
Secure and Private Kennels

Your dog’s safety is our number one priority, so all of our kennels are secure, individual and private.

Indoor / Outdoor Kennels

Sturgeon County Kennels features 41 kennels with individual outdoor access for dogs to enjoy throughout the day.

Medical Administration

The staff at Sturgeon County Kennels are trained to administer basic medication for your pet, including pills, ear drops, and eye drops with no additional charge to you!

Free Walks / Quad Walks

Birds fly, fish swim, and dogs walk. We make sure your dog stays happy by walking with them and letting them explore our 7 acre acreage.

Routine Daily Sanitation

Daily we vacuum, mop, and routinely pressure wash the kennel to keep the kennels spic and span.

Five Play Areas

We feature 5 play areas to allow dogs to get out of the kennel and into a bigger free roaming area.

Daily Socialization (with approval)

Dogs love socializing with other dogs, so we try our best to let the dogs get out and play. With your permission, we match dogs of similar age, size, and temperament to get outside and play.

Kennels for Sturgeon County and Edmonton Area
What To Bring
Dog Food

A nutritious, balanced diet is essential to keeping your dog healthy and we care proper nutrition is one of your dog’s basic needs.


A bedding is a great way to remind your dog of home and to keep them comfortable.


We will administer medication during your dog’s visit at no extra cost! Please bring the same treats / peanut butter / cheese you use to delivery any medication.

Vaccination Records

Rabies is a fatal viral disease that affects dogs and many other mammals.

Bordetella is a contagious flu-like syndrome that causes dogs to cough and Bordetella vaccination greatly reduces the risk of infection.

The DHLPP vaccine only way to keep your dog safe from these terrible illnesses is to make sure your dog is vaccinated.

What not to bring
Leashes & Bowls

Sturgeon County Kennels has plenty of leashes & bowls, so don’t worry about bring them unless you have a raised bowl or slow-eater bowl.

Affordable Pricing

We provide the best customer experience for an affordable price.

Dog kennels sturgeon county

One Dog
$24.00 / Day

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Two  Dogs
$40.00 / Day

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